As a newly retired couple, my husband and I have time for more activities. So, we decided to try Kindhearted Fitness Center and it met our needs. We enjoy using the variety of cardio and strengthening equipment, the social interaction with members and staff, and the no-contract monthly fee works well with our flexible schedule.

In addition to using the Fitness Center, Kindhearted Home Care services provided care for a family member during a special occasion event. It was wonderful to learn that Kindhearted offered short term care in addition to longer term care options. It was comforting to know that our family member was in good care. We have found that the Kindhearted staff are family-friendly and care about each person they work with.

Thank you.


Kindhearted Home Care’s new facility is a great place for us. Both my wife and I exercise here and couldn’t be happier. The equipment offers a full range of opportunities to stay fit while at the same time enjoying the warm and caring atmosphere. It’s difficult, I know, to imagine a facility where exercising is actually fun, but that is what Kindhearted has given us. The camaraderie among those who visit the facility is extremely strong with each person providing that all-important social aspect which helps all of us to come back each day. What has developed is a family atmosphere that helps drive both the physical and mental boost for all of us, no matter what our ages might be. Taken together, the physical and mental, help keep us strong and independent – worthy goals at any age.



I don’t know where I’d be without Kindhearted. After the Wellness Center closed at Good Samaritan, i and others who exercised there needed a place to manage our exercise health needs. Diane stepped up to the plate, and put in a lot of hard work to make this possible. Many of us who use Kindhearted fitness center have joint replacement, diabetes, and heart conditions. Exercise is very important. Kindhearted is a clean and wonder environment with friendly staff.



After having knee surgery I went to the Menard Center for therapy which was followed by joining their fitness program. The out of the blue the Menard Center sent the clients a letter (winter, 2016) approximately 2 weeks before the were going to close. No one knew this was going to happen. We were all stunned! We asked them to reconsider but to no avail. But they did extend the closing time a couple of weeks. There were several clients that put a call out to the community to see if anyone would come to our rescue so we could resume our fitness program. After a short time Diane, owner of Kindhearted Home Care answered our plea. At that time she was in the process of building a new building for Kindhearted Home Care at a different location. Well, those plans were scrapped as she took on the fitness center. New plans to build at a different location were drawn up, so the kindhearted Home care and Fitness Center could be together at ground level. The plans and building of the new facility were completed in about 6 months. During that time Diane rented another building that she had to have prepared/remodeled, organized, and equipment brought in so we could continue our fitness program. What a go getter! When Diane wants something done, it get done! The new facility opened in September 2016 on the corner of Main and Mill streets, across from the Cosmo theater. It houses supportive home care, adult day care, and the fitness center. it is a beautiful place! The name of Diane’s business is “Kindhearted” Home Care. The name is very appropriate for her as I feel she is a kind, caring person. She, also, has a wonderful, caring and helpful staff that is there to help out anyway they can.

Our fitness program went on uninterrupted. Many of the clients from the Menard Center transferred to Diane’s fitness center to continue. I, as well as others are very appreciative that Diane took us in. I (we) do our exercise routine as well as have a social time where we each other during the good times and the bad. It’s a place to make new friends and share projects that we are involved with. It’s an all around comforting, enjoyable place. We are ever so grateful to have a facility to continue our fitness journey. I highly recommend that you come to visit and see the facility that we have here in Merrill. Perhaps even join and get started on a fitness routine. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Also, check out the home care services that Diane offers. I love it here! It’s a great place! Thanks Diane for coming to our rescue!!



Our Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

Thanks to Diane, Sara, and the Kindhearted Staff

T — treadmill to keep us upright
O — obligation to ourselves to keep “fit”

Y — yardstick to measure our good health
O — our outlook with a smile
U — utmost fulfillment of our goals
R — recumbent bike — good for everyone

H — highlight of our day
E — elliptical — good challenge
A — an adventure every day
L — laugh as we exercise, good for the soul
T — thank you to Kindhearted, they really care
H — humor, always present and a real plus

Delores and George


I use the gym at Kindhearted. I love going there because it’s clean, employees are super nice, they have tv’s so I work out and watch tv. It has a really homey atmosphere. Everyone usually talks to each other while working out. I would recommend Kindhearted to anyone.



I use the exercise facility. The keyword there is “exchange”. Besides being able to exercise on state of the art equipment – we have a magazine exchange, puzzle area, and we exchange grand kid photos and new, recipes, crafts ideas, and moral support. In other words, we have become friends in a healthy supportive environment.



Things I like about Kindhearted Care Fitness

  1. Courteous, friendly staff on hand to help with equipment
  2. Affordable rate of $30 month if you pay for three months
  3. Flexible schedule for mornings or afternoon exercise five days a week
  4. Excellent variety of exercise equipment for specific muscle groups or general cardio workout
  5. Clean, easily accessible restrooms
  6. Space for socializing and quiet activities.


Supportive Home Care Testimonials

I have known Diane Goetsch personally for years but have never needed her business services. When we lost our long-time cleaning lady, we inquired about Kindhearted Home Care’s housekeeping services and retained them. We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the employee, her services, and company management. We have recommended Kindhearted Home Care to friends with similar needs.

Thomas E. Burg, retired


Kindhearted provided Home Care for my wife struggling with Alzheimer’s and they did a terrific job, I can’t remember one time that any caregiver was late for their appointment, which was greatly appreciated. Kindhearted has also provided home care for my daughter four nights a week. Monday through Thursday and they have taken tremendous care and concern for my daughter, as she is mentally challenged and needs help. All the caregivers have been totally trustworthy at all times.

Andy Anderson


“Peace of Mind.” That is what Darla and Darlene say they have known ever since they began working with Kindhearted Home Care. Diana enjoys and looks forward to her caregivers coming twice a week. “Sometimes more, because Kindhearted Home Care is so flexible; if I need to change the schedule they always make the adjustment. The personality and talents of the staff that are assigned are matched so well with our needs they really feel more like family friends. More people should check out Kindhearted Home Care; just call 715-218- 3772. Diane Goetsch will meet with you No obligation, no pressure and figure out what help is available to you whether as supportive care in your home or at the Adult Social Center.”



When a dearly loved one needs more help than one or two family members can provide, it is a great comfort when help is one phone call away. Kindhearted Home Care is that help. My brother has received supportive in-home care from Kindhearted Home Care for over a year now and when I have needed extra help, the staff has provided what I have asked for. The staff answers phone calls promptly and that has been a great comfort to me. The caregivers have done their best to help my brother manage in his daily life. In 2013-2014 Kindhearted Home Care provided supportive home care for my father-in- law and they did an excellent job helping him manage his daily activities of living so he could live out his life in his own home. From my experiences, I would highly recommend Kindhearted Home Care.

Michelle Plautz

Adult Social Center Testimonials

Annie is happier when going to Kindhearted Day Care. She is always bringing home the things she makes, she is very excited about showing the family. They have therapy dogs come in, outings and she interacts with the community.

Annie has lost 35lbs in the last year with the exercise equipment in the other half of the building. I feel that since Annie has been going to Kindhearted, her quality of life is at 100%. I, Annie, and all of our family are very happy and can’t thank all of the staff there for all you do for Annie.

-Angie and Annie Shellenberger


My son is Chase and he attends Kindhearted. He enjoys seeing many of his friends there. There are always crafts to do, music and opportunities to get outside. We stay busy and laugh a lot and tell stories. I always enjoy my day there.

-Julie Davis


Kindhearted is a place where our son goes which gives him a social life outside of our home. He loves it, and being with his friends and staff at Kindhearted. He feels a sense of independence and enjoys being in this program.

-Kathryn Johnson


As a guardian for my special needs grandson, I wanted to find an “Adult Day Care” where he could improve his social skills, get exercise and be a part within the community. Kindhearted Home Care LLC provided just that along with a lot of other services. The facility is very welcoming and has a certain comforting feel to it. The staff is very friendly and caring.

Barbara Goetsch.


My name is Karla Spoehr and my daughter Kayla attends Kindhearted Home Care Adult Social Center. I chose Kindhearted Home Care to give my child an opportunity to interact with other adults in a caring, safe, and social setting after she graduated from the Merrill School System. I am beyond happy with the care she receives and most importantly, the staff has become like family to my daughter and myself. For anyone considering this type of care for their loved one, I would highly recommend Diane and her staff. The center is a god send to my family and has given myself peace of mind that my daughter is able to interact with the staff and the community, but most importantly she is safe and loves going every day!

Karla Spoehr.

Group fitness testimonials

Toning time:
“I really enjoy the class. Ashley does an awesome job. I have completed two sessions and can tell the improvement in my balance and endurance. I definitely plan on joining more classes in the future.”


“Toning Time was very beneficial to me, I feel stronger and more toned. The class was hard but also fun! Ashley did a great job as an instructor. I liked it so much that I signed up again! Thank you.”


“Toning Time with Ashley? Well, to say the least, it’s a challenge. I mean a good challenge. It’s a perfect workout. It has a great balance of cardio, strength and stretching. It’s amazing how fast time goes by. Asan older guy, it has made my everyday activities easier. I’m even losing a few pounds.”


“Since starting the toning classes at Kindhearted, my body feels stronger and healthier all of the time.Ashley is wonderful and teaches it in a way that all ages can participate. This is the first exercise class that I actually look forward to and hate to miss. The 45 minutes goes very fast too, with exercises broken up into 30 second intervals – and it’s true, anyone can do anything for 30 seconds! I am thankful that this class is offered in Merrill!”


Chair Yoga:
“In October, 2017 when chair yoga was first offered at Kindhearted Home Care, I decide to give it a try- and I’;m so happy that I did. I have discovered the benefit of feeling more fit, the fun of making new friends, and the satisfaction of knowing I am doing activity that makes me feel better both physically and mentally. The frosting on the cake is that age is no barrier to doing chair yoga, even if you’re in your early to mid-80′;s, just ask me.”


“Wonderful exercise experience for increasing your flexibility and stretching muscles to increase ease of movement. Totally increased my range of movement in my neck area!”


Chair Chi:
“Sustained movements created a natural resistance that helped build my muscle strength. Really noticed a tightening in my under-arm area!”


Stable & Strong:
“This program was of great interest to me as an exercise giving me more overall strength but not to the extent of aerobics”


Chair yoga & Chair chi:
“As an elderly woman living alone, I was looking for an exercise program to maintain health and fitness to remain in my home. Kindhearted programs do this for me, to improve my balance and strengthen my muscles and heart. Our instructor gives good instructions and is also mindful of each of our abilities, plus keeping our interest. I would recommend their programs to those wanting to stay fit but cannot compete with the ‘aerobics’ crowd.”

Our Core Values










Family Oriented


Hands On


Personal Touch



Safety Conscious
(for Peace of Mind)

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